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Museum Pieces


A fire-board created for a farm along the James River in Virginia, the scene is meant to portray the farm as it appeared in the early 1700s using primitive painting techniques

Commissioned by a relative of Dr. Linn this large sign represents an actual museum that was owned by Dr. Linn from about 1880 to 1910. Measuring over 40" tall and painted on a signle plank of wood over 17" wide!

Maryland Jockey Club Box

This antique tack box was painted for the private collection of PTK Farm in Kentucky. With ties to Maryland horse racing where the farm was previously located, it was requested that the piece feature images from both Pimlico and Laurel race tracks.

Maryland Jockey Club Box 2

The club house from the Pimlico Race Track is featured on the left and the paddock at the Laurel Race Track is featured on the right.

Erie Canal Barrel Replica

This barrel is a commissioned piece by the New York Historical Society. This is a replica of the original barrel, shown in the next photo, used in a ceremony at the completion of the Erie canal in 1825.

Original Eire Canal Barrel

The keg from which Governor Clinton poured the water of Lake Erie into the Altantic October 26, 1825 on the completion of the Erie Canal.

Erie Canal Barrel Replica 2

This replica barrel is used in a traveling exhibit about the history of New York.

MJC Box Top

Painted for a private collection on an antique foot locker with hand made hardware dating back to the mid 1800s.


Another view of the Maryland Jockey Club box which resides in a private collection.

Painting in house

An interesting painting I recreated from photos of the original. The original belonged to the sister of the commissioner who wanted a copy of the painting in her house as well.


Closer view of unique painting recreation

Blackstone Magician Case

Part of a series of cases painted as tributes to the old master magicians.

Thurston's Magician Case

Part of a series of cases painted as tributes to the old master magicians.

C.C. Moore Sign

A commission piece created for a relative of the C.C. Moore on this sign. Created from an old photograph of a horse-drawn wagon that had this lettering on the side. This sign measures about 24" by 36".

I have had the opportunity to work with several museums and collections to create or restore pieces for display. The items shown on this page represent unique challenges in matching techniques, styles and colors used in their respective time periods.

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