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About The Artist

Creativity is in my genes. I grew up with a very creative mother who was an antique dealer for many years and father who is a very successful architect. Very early in my career, when most kids my age were still scribbling on walls with crayon, my wall art was done with mechanical pens, oil paint and press-type. We won't discuss a certain collage period that involved scissors and curtains. Much of my time in class was spent drawing and doodling which led to encouragement from teachers in the form of erasers to the head and laps around the track (thanks Mr. G).

Naturally I went to art school after high school and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. As a professional graphic artist and illustrator I have worked in design studios, ad agencies, corporate settings and as a freelance artist for clients such as McCormick, Lehigh Cement, Dupont Pharmaceuticals, ADC Maps, Trailways National Bus System and many others.

Among my many interests are wood and metal working, antiques and great cars, mainly old British cars (yes, the kind that don't want to start in the rain but you don't really want to drive them in the rain anyway). Four kids, five dogs and many cars later I decide to merge my interest in antiques with my artistic endeavors and pursue the creation of authentic looking 18th and 19th period tavern and trade signs. Using very old reclaimed barn lumber I match the sign content with the perfect piece of wood to form the base of the hand-painted artwork. The end result is a unique piece of museum-quality art that is sure to be the focal point of any room.

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