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Raveyard CompositeAdjSmall_edited
Big Five Farm House Specials

A freshly completed "House Specials" Chalk Board for Big 5 Farms‬ If you are into hunting you'll want to check this place out. This piece measures about 24" wide and 36" tall and is constructed out of antique barn lumber. Even the molding is hand made for each piece that I create. Contact me if you are interested in creating something unique for your home, business even a hunting lodge or as a special gift.

Fox Tavern

This sign was created as a reproduction of a wonderful Early American tavern sign. Featuring a primitive style typical of American artwork from the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Washington Inn & Tavern

Commissioned for the Washington Inn & Tavern in Princess Ann, Maryland. This two-sided sign features original paintings of George on both sides of the sign and hand-made, period-correct hardware.

Washington Inn & Tavern Installation

The Washington Inn & Tavern sign shown installed at the front of the inn located in Princess Ann, Maryland.

Maryland Jockey Club Box

Created for a horse farm in Kentucky that was once located in Maryland, the commissioner of this sign wanted references to both Laurel and Pimlico race tracks in a 19th century style. This antique tool box was painted to include the Maryland Jockey Club Logo as well.

Thurston's Case

The first in a series of Classic Magician's Cases. These are hand-painted on antique suitcases and emulate the style of the Magic Show posters from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Little Dog Tavern

Commissioned by the owners of six Pomeranian and Chihuahua dogs, this sign measures about 58" long!

Eirie Canal Water Barrel

Commissioned by the New York Historical Society, this is a replica of the original barrel used in a ceremony at the completion of the Erie canal in 1825.

Connolly's Pub

A commission piece to look like an old sign from Connolly's in New York City. This hand-painted piece measures about 36" across and is constructed out of antique barn lumber. Created as a special gift for a husband to hang in his home bar area.

Happy Dog Tavern

As an animal lover, painting portraits of loved ones has become a specialty. This sign features Pete, named for his resemblance to the dog on The Little Rascals.

Keep Out

Even a No Trespassing sign can look great.

Greyhound Tavern

This sign is created as a reproduction of a beautiful old English tavern sign. I love the flowing lines of the Greyhound. Measures 16 1/2" by 23 3/4".

T.R. French

Featuring a portrait of General Winchester and his home Circa 1776, this sign was commissioned by a couple that were building a new home based on the design of the original home of Gen. Winchester.

Gettysburg Sign

Town name signs can be created for any town. They look great in Kitchens and family rooms.

The Fox Pubmaster

A large commission piece measuring over 3 feet square.

Fox & Hound Tavern

This sign features a fox and hound inspired by antique fox hunting scenes from the mid 1800s. Measures 17" by 22 1/2". The original is available for purchase.

PTK Farm

This Commissioned sign was painted for a horse farm in Kentucky in the style of the 19th century equine artists. Reproductions were made for the client to use outside while preserving the original inside.

Puddles Pub

A commissioned piece with a humorous tone that features a beloved pet frog named Puddles. Puddles is gone but not forgotten.

Dr. Linn's Museum of Anatomy Sign

Commissioned by a relative of Dr. Linn this large sign represents an actual museum that was owned by Dr. Linn from about 1880 to 1910. Measuring over 40" tall and painted on a signle plank of wood over 17" wide!

Dargo Tavern

Dargo, a beautiful black German Shepherd, is a K-9 Officer for the York County Sherif's Department. His handler, an antique lover, asked me to create a sign for him. Having served in the Marines he also wanted a patriotic feel to the sign. Measures 17" by 24".

Tally Ho Ho Ho

Tally Ho Ho Ho the Christmas Hunt Fox.

Celtic Paws Sign

Created for a doggy daycare named "Celtic Paws"in Boston, this sign features Angel and Kizzy, the daycare management, and of course a Celtic theme.

C.C. Moore Bottler

A commission piece created for a relative of the C.C. Moore on this sign. Created from an old photograph of a horse-drawn wagon that had this lettering on the side. This sign measures about 24" by 36".

Sinnott's Tavern

The Sinnotts commissioned this portrait sign of their Mastiff, Buster. Hand painted from supplied photos. This sign measures approximately 18" wide by 24" high.

Sam Gardiner's Tavern

Another commissioned sign for the Inn at Stony Creek up in Warwick, NY. Samuel was the original owner of the property in 1840. You may recognize the subject if you've ever gone to Williamsburg. This two-sided sign includes hand-forged iron brackets and currently hangs on the front of the inn.

Olllie & Digby's Tavern

Ollie and Digby's Tavern is a commissioned piece featuring the owner's dogs in a colonial style tavern sign complete with scroll work top and bottom. This sign measures approximately 17" wide by 24" high.

Ollie's Ale House

Ollie is gone but not forgotten in this period style tavern sign with colonial top and bottom which also features the date of 1890 when the owner's home was built.

The Winchester

If you love Zombie movies this probably looks familiar to you. Commissioned by a fan, this sign is a tribute to the movie "Shawn of the Dead" with Simon Pegg.

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow was created for the owners of two black cats and was painted from photos of the cats. The sign measures about 24" by 17".

Specializing in pet portraits and custom orders, these signs are one-of-a-kind works of art that are hand crafted out of 100 to 200 year-old salvaged barn lumber, painted and lettered by hand then aged to resemble true antiques with museum-quality results. Commissions are currently being accepted and pricing is based on subject matter, complexity and size. Contact me for more information.

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