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Business & Farm Signs


Sign and hardware created for Wedding and event venue in Knoxville, Maryland


Two-sided sign and hardware created as an entrance sign for a fox hunt and steeple chase farm.


Back side of farm sign


part of the hand made hardware made to hang this sign


Two-sided sign created for the Robert Morris Inn in Oxford Maryland, features a portrait of Robert Morris


Side two of Robert Morris Inn sign, sign was made to fit existing stand


Created for an antique shop called The Fox & Pheasant


Second view of Antique shop sign


Hand carved lettering adorns both sides of this large sign created for a florist


Full view of florist sign showing installed PVC posts


A large 13' by 3' sign created for a venue that teaches about native plant and wildlife


Second view of 13' long wooden sign


A large 10' by 5' church sign, was later mounted to a hay wagon that is positioned in front of the church in Beaver Creek, Maryland


Closeup view of Boonsboro, Maryland Church sign measuring 8' by 4' constructed using of expanded urethane board, carved and wood grained to look like boards


Installed view of Boonsoro church sign including hand made hardware


Creating the arched shape of this sign was done using many pieces of miter cut molding. Mr. G, one of my math teachers would be proud


Another commissioned sign for the Inn at Stony Creek up in Warwick, NY. Samuel was the original owner of the property in 1840. You may recognize the subject if you've ever gone to Williamsburg. This two-sided sign includes hand-forged iron brackets and currently hangs on the front of the inn.

Washington Inn & Tavern

Commissioned for the Washington Inn & Tavern in Princess Ann, Maryland. This two-sided sign features original paintings of George on both sides of the sign and hand-made, period-correct hardware.


The Elk Ridge Assembly Rooms is a play house that dates back to the 1860s, I was tasked with providing a period looking sign for the venue


Sign created for an eclectic and interesting shop in Fells Point in Baltimore, a unique selection of gifts and household items worth a visit


A 10' long sign created to hang across a farm entrance including hand made hardware to hang sign from a horizontal 10" pole


Single-sided side created to go in front of a tavern on Cape Cod

Big Five Farm House Specials

A freshly completed "House Specials" Chalk Board for Big 5 Farms‬ If you are into hunting you'll want to check this place out. This piece measures about 24" wide and 36" tall and is constructed out of antique barn lumber. Even the molding is hand made for each piece that I create. Contact me if you are interested in creating something unique for your home, business even a hunting lodge or as a special gift.

Celtic Paws Sign

Created for a doggy daycare named "Celtic Paws"in Boston, this sign features Angel and Kizzy, the daycare management, and of course a Celtic theme.

Specializing in pet portraits and custom orders, these signs are one-of-a-kind works of art that are hand crafted out of 100 to 200 year-old salvaged barn lumber, painted and lettered by hand then aged to resemble true antiques with museum-quality results. Commissions are currently being accepted and pricing is based on subject matter, complexity and size. Contact me for more information.

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